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ACH Processing

ACH Processing Services

Process ACH Payments With a Single Click!

Automate your payment processing with our cost effective ACH solution

  • Online Reporting

    See all your transactions and automated payments through the admin portal

  • No Delay

    Don’t wait for payments! Gain access to funds as soon as they are processed

  • Quality Control

    Fully dedicated staff to handle and manage your every request


  • Convenient Automation

    Automate all your payments and transactions and never forget anything

  • Fast Response

    The Techseed Ach system updates your information and all transaction history

  • Secure and Regulated

    We comply with all US and state regulations for security and money transfers. Your data is safe and secure with us.

Why Use TechSpeed ACH

 Simple and easy to use admin interface.

 Offer your customers an easy way to pay you.

 Drive customer loyalty by offering them convenience and simplicity from one integrated platform.

 Save money on credit card processing.

 Multiple devices support allows you to check your account from any device.

 Improved cash flow with recurring payments that can be fully automated

 Fast, reliable and fully trained support staff will always be available to handle any requests and take care f any problems so you never have to face any delays in payment processing.

 Expand your services through the TechSpeed ACH platform integration

 Simplify payments by connecting your bank account with your product sales

 Minimize the risk of credit card and payment fraud through our PCI DSS compliant system

 Save money on costs associated with processing, bank visits, large cash deposits and unnecessary fees

 Become more efficient by streamlining your payments – you set up your transaction and TechSpeed ACH takes care of the rest

 No more waiting for customers, vendors or partners to write a monthly check, deposit it in your bank and then wait for them to be processed – simply set up your payments on our platform and watch the money flow!

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Where Can I Use ACH Processing?


Payroll Payments

You can use TechSpeed ACH to set up recurring weekly, monthly or bi-monthly payments for all your employees so paying them is easy, efficient and always on time.


Accept Donations

If you are a non-profit organization, the ACH process allows you to collect donations from your donors and they re deposited directly into your bank account.



Integrate ACH payments into your organization’s QuickBooks accounts and make your payments and account handling seamless.


On Your Website

Allow customers to pay for your products or services from a simple interface. If you have a service that is billed monthly, TechSpeed ACH will let your customers set automatic monthly payments

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ACH payment processing allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers, clients and vendors. The convenience and reliability of the TechSpeed ACH platform enables you to show them you care about providing them with services that make their life easier.

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